Shopify Plus vs Magento Enterprise vs BigCommerce Enterprise: The Ultimate Comparison

Wondering which enterprise ecommerce solution is best for your company? It all comes down to Shopify Plus vs Magento Enterprise vs BigCommerce Enterprise!

In the ecommerce world, Magento has positioned itself perfectly as the most popular platform for large businesses. But in the past few years, Shopify and BigCommerce have gained some popularity as well.

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Magento, Shopify Plus, and BigCommerce are all designed for larger businesses who require larger product storage, more advanced features, increased bandwidth to meet traffic demands, and a dedicated account support.

Shopify Plus and BigCommerce are cloud-based enterprise ecommerce solutions, and there are people who think that open-source solutions like Magento is more reliable, faster, and secure.

What do you think? Is this really the case?

We hope that this article will clear up all the questions you have. It is Shopify Plus vs Magento Enterprise vs BigCommerce Enterprise:

1. Applications & Add-Ons: One benefit of cloud-based platforms is that applications and extra add-ons become ‘plug-and-play”. Shopify Plus and BigCommerce have an App Store, where you can find all kinds of applications. Shopify’s offering is better and they have 17 enterprise apps and BigCommerce offers 3. Shopify Plus and BigCommerce Enterprise customers can use the discounts in the App Store.

The Magento’s extensions are high-priced and if you want to implement an extension, you need to consider the costs for a web developer to add it on top of this. Magento offers a great number of templates. Template Monster has over 800, Shopify offers over 150 premium templates and BigCommerce 67. BigCommerce has fewer applications and templates than Shopify, however, it is worth mentioning that they offer a few extra features of the bat compared to Shopify and Magento such as product reviews, customer wish list, and recommendations.

2. Experts: Sooner or later, you will need support in the form of development, design, marketing, photography, and etc. There are a lot of developers and agencies who are familiar with Magento so there is a whole group of support available if you are interested in hiring a marketing agency. In terms of credibility, BigCommerce Enterprise is less superior to Magento and Shopify and this is reflected in the number of developers familiar with the ecommerce solutions.

Shopify uses internal programmers and developers ensuring that everything is done automatically. When Magento releases a new update, you will have to hire a developer which costs time and money. An advantage of Shopify Plus over Magento is the simplicity of being able to make quick changes. For more insights on Shopify’s features, click here.

3. Pricing: This is a pretty difficult topic to discuss as the price packages are not available to see on the websites. The prices vary depending on your business size, sales, traffic, and etc. However, it is worth mentioning that a SaaS solution is much more cost effective than an open-source one. A great thing about BigCommerce is that they have made a calculator calculating the total expenses of ownership.

I have also been a customer for a few years and have always solved the technical problems in a very professional way. Problems always arise everywhere, but the customer service is exquisite and I do not change it. Thank you very much!

Natalie Johnson

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Victoria Dacota

This shows the amount of money you would save if you choose a SaaS solution. The downside of BigCommerce is that they move users up to enterprise plans too early. The biggest downfall for Shopify Plus was their transaction fees for third-party gateways. The last thing you want as a retailer is an uncomfortable surprise. The pricing is based on volume, but the SaaS ecommerce solutions look better options for the price.

Cost implications make BigCommerce Enterprise and Shopify Plus much better solutions than Magento. As Shopify Plus increases its growth, it will be fun to see how many people make the switch from Magento Enterprise to Shopify or BigCommerce.

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