Are you in this situation where you want to start an enterprise e-commerce business and is afraid of running one that is not successful. If yes, this should not worry you. Starting an online business is easy as you will not require the process of building a physical store. Also, it is a cheaper process as you will only require creating a professional site, have a smartphone or desktop, and internet access. To create a website for your large business, you can use Shopify plus or Magento enterprise which are affordable. With these platforms, the process of creating a site will be easy if you avoid these 4 mistakes:

Failing to conduct a business analysis

Business analysis is essential to every successful business. With this, you will know your business needs, define your goals, and know the likes and dislikes of your customers. You will select Shopify plus or Magento enterprise that will help you achieve your goals. Also, you will get one that will align with customers’ expectations. When you offer services that match with customers’ needs, you can make them purchase more of your products and become repeat customers.

Failing to understand the advanced features of the platform

If your primary objective is to drive traffic and increase sales, you need to create a professional site. You can achieve this by selecting an enterprise e-commerce platform with advanced features to enable you to provide the best customer service. If you choose a platform with few features, you can hinder the functionality of your business. Hence, you need to define Shopify plus and Magento enterprise features, to allow you to select one that will enhance customers’ experience.

Choosing a platform with a lengthy checkout process

No one would like to spend hours on a site that has a lengthy and complicated check-out process. Hence you need to select an enterprise e-commerce platform with a straightforward and short check-out process. Magento enterprise has extensions that will allow you to add payment gateways to easy the check-out process. Shopify plus has over 100 payment gateways to enable customers purchase and make payment quickly.

Ignoring the shipping and promotion feature

Everyone loves to save money. In this essence, if you provide offers and promotions, you can drive traffic to your site. Hence, ignoring this feature can make you lose significant sales. Shopify plus comes with this feature to allow you to set promotions to your site. Because Magento enterprise is an open source, it will allow you to add this promotion feature and provide free shipping, discounted products, and coupon codes.

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